10 Fun Mobile Games Made By Malaysians You Should Play Now!

Mobile games. What could be better than playing a good old game when you’re trying to kill time or simply enjoy the company of animated characters and beguiling soundtracks. We all know world famous mobile slot games such as 918kiss, scr888, xe88 and more But have you heard of these Malaysian slot games? They’re equally fun as the distinguished games I’ve said earlier!

1. 918Kiss Malaysia

To make this action-packed game one of the Top 3 overall applications in Malaysia, 918KISS Livemobile88 has used the supernatural phenomenon of gamer. The action game features in android apk and ios version. Visually, it has very impressive 3D-modelling and animations–perhaps some of the best in South-east Asia–and reveals that it’s a nice time to knock on the talismans.

You need to create the 918kiss login id with an agent in the slot game and ensured that famous fictional or imaginary characters were only used as bosses. The games have unlimited bonus and jackpot odd is high. And the best part is, it is available both for Android and iOS users!

The smartphone game has now created more than RM60,000 since it was released on the Apple AppStore with a second edition, the Chinese Zombie War 2. For 3 weeks it’ has been one of China’s three most downloaded apps.

You can very easily start by register a kiss918 id and download the 918kiss apk on your mobile phone. Top up by livechat with the agent online and they will help you with it.

Price: Free

2. Mobfish Hunter

Image credit: iTunes

An exciting action fishing game, the immersive graphics of Mobfish Hunter helped to gain 4 stars, both on iTunes and Google Playstore. Developed in 2020, after the greedy Autocracy robbed the planet of rare earth elements, catastrophic pollution devastated our once-beautiful oceans. The game was developed by Appxplore. The fish of the planet now evolved into dangerous new Mobfish species. And they have the teeth to confirm this! A new class of virtual hunters has arisen to fight these fearsome creatures–and you have to rise in their ranks. Bring your fishing to the sea and become the Hunter champion with different projectiles and melee weapons. It’s hard to say something negative about a game like Mobfish: Hunter, which is both unusual and easy.

Let me begin with a single sentence: you are playing this game as a futuristic grenade of a cyborg fisherman. We’re never sure why this man feels the need to kill fish, or why people are always telling him to commit genocide against fish. Would half of the population have been wiped out by bad sushi? It is a mystery and Mobfish Hunter becomes a brilliant game once you get over the copious environmental damage you’re doing.

The game art is truly impressive! With its robotic parts and its eager, fish-killing smile the fisherman looks awesome. Also, the fish look fantastic, whether they’re cute little goldfish or big, scary fish that might take Cthulhu on in a tentacle-off.

Price: Free

Source:  yahoo.com

3. King League: Odyssey

Image credit: Gamemedia
Are you a Farmville fan? This game plays like it, but you’re running a knight’s battalion instead of handling crops. Odyssey is the ultimate strategy game you’d have to watch… and we see why it is top of the list of online and now available Flash-based games for Android and iOS. Nonetheless, each menu and the various tasks and goals must be understood in order to better understand how to play, as they initially are daunting. Apart from that, it is available for iOS and Android platforms. The developer is Kurechii Studios. You can check out some of their games here!

The principal goal in the campaign is for the current king to take over by battling, constructing the army and facilities and capturing towns. The graphics and animations are completely amazing in this book! The beautiful sound and musical score are also epic. It’ll suck you through a strategic game. The game is not too tough and since you can enter tournaments repeatedly, you’ll win the game because you get better every day. Nonetheless, it’s fun to control and see the units become stronger in the process.

Price: USD0.99 (RM4)

Source: androidtapp.com

4. Li-Ning Jump Smash 15

Image credit: Theappzine

Often named the world’s leading badminton game, you’re a badminton amateur player and are making way for the World Junior Champion! Mediasoft Entertainment are the developer behind this game. The JumpSmash 15 gameplay seems simple enough, but it is surprisingly complex.  However, the mechanics are simple. If your opponent hit the shuttle on your side of the court, players must swipe the finger to return it. The game is good at tracking the shuttle and it’s very accurate to move the shuttle to the right side. 

Typically players will leap to smash, allowing them to knock the shuttle with a difficult strike. Occasionally players can also do a super shot that only another great shot can overcome. The players can adapt, train and play as an individual character for the tournaments. Using in-game money (gained by winning tournaments and shows), players can unlock equipment and boost statistics and adjust the character’s face, hairstyle, facial colour and hair colour at any time. Besides that, it’s free for iOS and Android users!

The gameplay is complex and requires a lot of skill (particularly in difficult tournaments) and players will have to remain in the game for a long time with personalizations and training options.

Price: Free 

Source: Theappzine

5. Agent RX

Image credit: YouTube

The tense game is created by Undercover Entertainment. The Metal Gear Solid will easily pass off this game. This could fit right in your alley if you’re into sneaky games. Agent RX is a stealth action game from the top down. You monitor the super sly and stealthy agent RX, whose spacecraft should be re-controlled and the interstellar terrorists neutralized. Now that’s a high order. You will have to stop killing machines, cracking your necks and sniper fire to carry out your search. I don’t know what will happen if that doesn’t sell it to you.

The first thing you will notice is the great appearance of Agent RX. Perhaps the graphics are not the most vivid ones you ever saw but it feels great. The cold grey metal, the bright red laser and the strangely shaped fire all return to a simpler, older time. Agent RX is not shocking that even the hue of the walls looks like Metal Gear Solid. Unfortunately, the game is only available for iOS users.

It was done by a team of five guys that made it remarkable about Agent RX. Okay, five. You saw that right. ⠀ It is incredibly impressive to see a game from such a small team that looks so damn good. If there is nothing else, Agent RX shows what indie developers with iOS technology should do.

Agent RX is an impressive title deserving of your money and time. Undercover Entertainment has really pushed the boundaries of this game and is definitely worthy of reward.

Price: Free

Source: techinasia.com

6. Amok-The Villain Heroes

Image credit: iTunes

What differs this game from the others on the list is the olden days in Melaka’s dark ages! Although we’re not sure if it’s accurate historically …The developer behind this dark aged-concept is  WerakuGames.

Amok is a 2D beat-all game where you play an intense mighty fighter, Jebat, strong Damak and mysterious Teja, a woman who has chosen to accompany him into his battle. Face hordes of enemies and bosses and learn to control the force of Amok, who resides inside you, in order to overcome the tyranny of the King. Sounds like an intriguing game but the sad part is that it’s only available for iOS platforms.

This dynamic game can keep you busy for a long time and is placed in 5 unique and powerful worlds and 32 stages of non-stop acts!

Price: Free

Source: cnet.com

7. Protect Teddy

Image credit: techinasia.com

Here is a fun role-playing game, where young and rebellious Teddy must be safe as he leaves the Teddy Kingdom for an adventure. The developer, Dilectus Games designed Protect Teddy. Created in Malaysia, the game begins with a story. In a far-off kingdom many little teddies who are kept company by their own happy friends are given protection in a palace. However, the little teddies got bored staying behind the walls. One day, a mysterious bamboo spring flies into the castle.

Protecting Teddy is a relentless twist. You’re not just running; you’re fighting too. It’s up to you, his knight, to step on and to kill the Monsters as Teddy flies on in the big bad world.

The game is lovelily drawn, accompanied by a cheerful, uptempo tune that I could hear all day on the loop. Protect Teddy is kept fresh with randomly generated levels, and every avatar upgrade is possible, but not so easy to reach that you can pick it up within an hour. There are also hidden avatars that can only be accessed after each race, with things that drop. The adorable game is only available for iOS users.

Price: Free

Source: techinasia.com

8. Lightopus

Image credit: thedroidguy

A champ of the pocket gamer award, you are a grown-up octopus trying to store the final younglings from extinction. Gameplay is split into zones, and each area has a minimal quantity of bulbies that should be accrued before shifting on. you are loose to acquire extra bulbies to grow your rating, but the longer you stay in a quarter, the extra competitive the baddies seem to turn out to be. Every region also has non-obligatory stars which improve your total rating for the region. Collect just enough of them and you can additionally journey to a unique zone with particular battles in which you are at the offense.

At the same time as the collection gameplay of Lightopus is enticing sufficient, the fight serves as the star of the display. Your lightopus can’t assault anything head on, however the bulbies you acquire shape an army that constantly follows you and assaults something in its direction.

Lightopus isn’t a recreation of destinations; it’s a game about trips. Each play goes through a brand new and rather unique adventure through this beautiful global. whilst some games provide the finest satisfaction from completing it, others (like this one) are truly a joy to in reality play. Lightopus is another game produced by Appxplore.

The App Store offers video games like Lightopus a home, and may additionally continue to do so. That is revolutionary gaming at its best, and even as it’s allowed down with the aid of a few niggles, they’re no longer enough to spoil what is quite fun, especially playable arcade journey.And the best part is that it’s free for iOS and Android!

Price: Free

Source: toucharcade.com

9. Doctor Life

Image credit: Appannie

No longer your traditional hospital management game, the game consists of actual life conditions – anticipate to look into real illnesses and study them in-recreation. Designed and created by WIGU Games, who needs med school if you have this game?

Doctor Life is slightly educational in some ways but in a strictly playful and lighthearted manner. I think I learnt more about illnesses and general prognosis here than any time spent in the doctor’s office or simply browsing the web.

In this game, you’re a doctor tasked with running your own surgery-come-hospital; how you go about it and how well you do is up to you. However, all this is done on a time-limited basis, which only gives you around maybe fifteen or so seconds in order to diagnose the patient appropriately. Herein lies the fun, and part of the satisfaction is being able to correctly assess the patient and score points for doing so.

Price: RM12 (USD2.99)

Source:  toucharcade.com

10. The Dreamcatcher

Image credit: Techinasia

The Dreamcatcher is a fascinating action game from Sunnyside Interactive, a Malaysian-based game company funded by the Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance l337 Accelerator. In this gameplay, you invade agonizing nightmares by drawing a circle around them. Although only iOS platforms can download this, the game can only be played on the iPad as the iPhone screen is certainly not enough for this venture. Circles can be chained to cause more damage and attacks with arms including power are given greater strength.

A complete demonstration takes you through the fundamentals of the game, which unleashes you into the world to protect sleeping dreams. You are unlocking valuable skills such as a magnificent knock outs or a shield from enemy projectiles as you advance. Firearms are also available and can be paired with equipped abilities for some devastating combos.

The Dreamcatcher is a game designed to be dash through. Transitions are fast, without text or needless steps between. , If you pass a level, one to three medals will be awarded to you based on the amount of dream you saved in that stage. Then you will be put in the next level.

There is not much to follow in the story line, other than the idea that you have to rescue dreams from nightmares

Price: Free.

Enjoy gaming guys! Don’t say we didn’t mention how addicting these games are.